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About Us

At ColorAuto Car wash

We take pride in every detail we do whether it's a basic hand wash or a full detail. We do not use brushes to wash your car or work on your vehicle out in the sun.

We have an amazing service area in Grand Junction, CO that can accommodate any over-sized vehicle or boat and even have a motorcycle lift to give your bike that special attention. We also offer pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle by request.

Why Should you Detail your Car?

A vehicle that is professionally detailed on a regular basis will maintain higher value, resale price, and trade-in value.

Additionally, you and your passengers are exposed to the environment inside your vehicle every time you use it. A clean interior will reduce allergens and airborne toxins that may cause adverse health concerns.

We recommend that your car receive a ColorAuto Carwash Full Detail two times per year with an Express Detail in between. The combination of the Complete and Express Detail services will ensure the exterior is protected from the elements and the interior remains looking new.

Automobile detailing is the practice of performing extremely thorough cleaning, polishing, buffing, and waxing of the interior and exterior to produce a show-quality finish. Washing and waxing your car on your own is good, but improper application of exterior finishes can often cause unnecessary imperfections to your car's exterior.

Clean Cars Promote Good Health

Did you know that bacteria can easily linger inside a car where darkness and moisture reside?

Time spent behind the wheel of an unclean car means exposure to dust, dirt, food, grease build-up and all the microscopic organisms that thrive on such build-up.

A rigorous detailing service for your vehicle means that all the places where clutter, dirt, hands, food, foot and the like are cleaned and sanitized.

We use heated steam when cleaning carpets, upholstery and other interior surfaces because heat kills germs. Steam is a reliable and proven method for disinfection and leaves behind no chemical residues.

See the difference! Visit ColorAuto Car Wash, Grand Junction’s Premier Auto Detailer.