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professional detailing services



exterior wash & wax  PACKAGE


  • Small - $75
  • Medium - $100
  • Large - $125
  • Detailed hand wash, wheels, wheels wells. Exterior windows and dress tires. Includes a Synthetic wax that provides 3-4months of protection. Starts at $75

Interior Detail package

  • Small - $125 (Cars)
  • Medium - $150 SUV, Truck
  • Large - $200 Large SUV, Van
  • The interior detail service is designed to return your interior to as close to new as possible. All surfaces are cleaned including, carpets, seats, doors, dash and headliner. All the nooks and Crannies. Starting at $125

full detail package

  • Full interior, wash & wax, clay bar and engine bay detail. Starts at $199.
  • Small - $199
  • Medium - $249
  • Large - $299

Maintenance Detail package

  • Maintenance Program 
  • Designed for a monthly or quarterly maintenance to preserve the look of your vehicle. Hand Wash, Spray wax, wheels, door jams, windows inside and out. Thorough vacuum and wipe down of all interior surfaces with interior dressing and leather conditioner. Starts at $99
  • Washes
  • Hand wash and dry, clean wheels, exterior windows, and dress tires. Starts at $25
  • Wash and Vacuum
  • Hand Wash plus interior vacuum and wipedown. Windows inside and out. Starts at $40
  • Vacuum and Interior Wipe down
  • Vacuum the interior and wipe down all surfaces. Starts at $25

Add-on packages

  • Headlight Restoration - $100
  • Remove surface imperfections with 3 steps of sanding, followed by 2 steps of polishing to restore clarity, and coated to protect for up to 2 years.

  • Paint Touch up – Starting at $50*
  • From rock chips on your hood to road rash on your bumper. We use color matched paint to ensure the best possible outcome without painting or body work.

  • Paintless Dent Repair - Custom Estimate
  • We have teamed up with an expert in the business to take care of any unsightly dents, door dings and hail damage.

  • Engine Detail Starts at $40*
  • We safely clean your engine compartment through powerwashing and steam cleaning to removing grease, dust and grime. Followed by a dressing for a fresh look.

  • Road paint / Overspray / Sap Removal –Estimate only
  • Not only are these annoying to look at but they can also damage your paint. We can safely remove them and return your paint back to new.

  • Paint decontamination (Clay bar) Starting at $50*
  • From brake dust to rain, industrial fall out causes the rough feeling on your paint and can leave little visible spots all over. This can be removed through clay bar, which picks up and permanently removes all these contaminates in your paint. This Service is included in all our Full Detail, Polishing and Coating packages.

  • Ozone treatment (smoke, pet odor, ect.) - $75
  • With the help of our Ozone Generator we can turn your smoking car into a non-smoking car, or permanently remove painting or pet odors.

  • Paint Sealant - $50
  • Add to any exterior detail for longer protection, up to 1 year.

  • Glass Polish and Sealant
  • Glass Clay- Removes mineral deposits dried on glass. As well as oily road residue and contaminants.

    Glass Polish – Removes water marks and heavier imperfections on glass

    Glass Sealant – Creates a hydrophobic surface to repel water. Also helps your wipes work more efficiently.

  • Convertible Top and Tonneau Cover Clean and Protect – Starts at $75*
  • Clean and protect with quality convertible top car products to maintain the appearance, color, and water repellency.

  • Trim Restoration Start at $75*
  • Restore, condition, and protect original black surfaces such as bumpers, trim, mirrors, mud flaps, seals, running boards and more. Good for 1 year.

  • Stain Removal Starts at $50*
  • Remove tough coffee stain, food stain, and animal, etc.

  • Stain Removal Starts at $50*
  • Remove tough coffee stain, food stain, and animal, etc.

* Disclaimer: "Starting At" implies that each project is quoted uniquely.  There will be an extra charge for larger vehicles, pet hair, and excessively soiled vehicles.  

Grand Junction Auto Detailing

ColorAuto Carwash & Detail Shop are the premier detail experts in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Car Show quality

When you are looking for car show quality come to ColorAuto! We are big enough to handle the volume of fleet cleanup and detail oriented so your show car gets that special touch.  When you wonder who's going to touch your special show car, come to ColorAuto, you will be thrilled with the special attention to detail.